Got An Issue Grab A Tissue

A special event has been planed on August 19th at  Sarzotti Park’s Boyd Center for 7 pm.  The event will provide time for the community to  discuss the ongoing topics of concern at the Ojai skatepark.  If you haven’t been by to skate as of late the over abundance of scooters and bikes at peak use hours is leading to some near misses and harsh collisions that would be ripe contenders for hall of meat.  On top of  the safety concerns that the handled hoodlums bring to the park in the way of awkward trick lines and 20 pounds wrecking balls,  the added attendees tend to loose a grip on there ride and it ends up chipping the concrete or the teeth of a passing ripper.

Tune into the June 24th Ojai City Council Meeting for more info:


The Rosa Parks Boys

If we build it, they will skate it.  The D.I.Y. attitude that goes hand in hand with the culture of skateboarding is alive and well in Detroit, where Levi’s Skateboarding chipped in to help out The Rosa Park Boys build a place for creativity to flourish.